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Renters Insurance Coverage

When you rent a home or an apartment, your landlord is responsible for insuring the property against damages caused by fire and other disasters. But, this doesn't mean that your personal property is also covered. As a renter, you have the option of buying renters insurance, which comes with a number of coverages to protect you from the unexpected..

Renters coverage can help you replace your belongings after a covered incident in your home, such as a fire or burglary. You may be surprised at how much everything in your pad is worth when you add it all up.

Coverage Options

Many insurance policies allow you to opt for replacement cost coverage instead of actual cash value for your personal property coverage. Replacement cost value coverage replaces your damaged or stolen possessions at the current market value.

If you can't stay at your place because of damage or another covered incident, rental insurance can help you pay for a place to stay. Speak to one of the professionals at Young Insurance Brokers today.

  • Theft Protection

  • Liabily coverge

  • Additional Living Expenses

  • Protection for items in storage

Availabe Discounts

Every carrier offers different discounts that you may qualify for but may not be taking advantage of. We are here to help you navigate the right coverage but also ensure you are receiving all of the discounts that apply to you. Ask us about professional industry discounts available to law enforcement, Fire and Rescue or medial professionals. Among other educational discounts.

  • Gated Community Discount

  • Multi-policy Discount

  • Good Credit Discount

  • Student Discount