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Group Health Insurance Coverage

With all of the options available in Group Health Care today; choosing the right plan for your Business can be exhausting. The options available range between carriers as well as individual plans within the same carrier.

Our exprienced professional will help you analyze your current plan, compare against all available plans on the market and ensure that all qualified employees meet the necessary requirements.

Coverage Options

Coverage options vary depending on the plan types. We will work with you to assess your current plan and present plans that best fit your business' needs and expectations.

  • Group HMO Plans

  • Group PPO Plans

  • Small Bussiness Affordable Health Care Plans

  • Optional Group Dental Coverage

Availabe Discounts

Group Health Insurance plans do not necessarilly offer discounts to plan members but there are important factors that do affect some plans. In example, Smokers may pay an increased premium but will not be included.

  • Non-Smoker Rates

  • Pre-Existing Conditions